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Fantastic Black(G3518/G684)

Also known as: G3518, Fuding Black
  1. 30.5*30.5*1cm ( Tiles) USD 16.25/㎡
  2. 60*60*2cm ( Tiles) USD 30.20/㎡
  • Loading seaport: Xiamen
  • Freight: Buyer pays freight from China to
  • destination.  Freight Charges
  • Payment Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit)
  •  T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
  • Delivery Detail: By sea freight with container load
  • Loading Time: 3-15 days depending on the quantity

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Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Details
  • Category: Basalt
  • Country of origin: China
  • Main Color: Black
Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Description
This material has a dark background with black "raindrop" in it.First Choice material will have no white lines or veins.Lower cost G684 may have black or white lines or clouds.t is mainly used for flooring, cladding, kitchen counters and table tops
Delivery Details
  • ◇All stones are natural products, so color variation exists
  • ◇All prices are for FOB China unless specified
  • ◇We have an Order Tracking System for buyers to track the order production and shipment online
Quality Guarantee
  • 1. Dimension: (LxWxT) :Tolerance +/-1MM (Thickness)
  • 2. Top face finish: Mirror Polished Finish.
  • 3. ISO9001 & CE
Chemical Composition(%)
  • SiO2: 62.17
  • Fe2O3: 3.54
  • CaO: 3.11
  • Al2O3: 20.85
  • MgO:3.71
  • Na2O: 3.90
Physical Properties
  • Density(g/cm3):3.00
  • Water Absorption(%):0.09
  • Bending Strength(MPa):209.70
  • Hardness/modulus of elasticity(MPa):28.20
    Chromatic aberration
    The image in this website is for reference only. To find the true color, tone and pattern, please refer to the stone sample.

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Basalt Tile

We can supply many kinds of high quality Basalt tiles using domestic and imported material.
You can customize your own product dimensions and finishes,contract with us!    I'm Online Chat Now! or Leave a message

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684)-Tiles Images ↓

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Tiles
Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Basalt Slab

Slabs of Basalt are broad and thick, four sided pieces of stone larger than tiles. Particular application and usage of granite slabs varies with the finish, color and thickness of the slab. Different size of slabs are used for different purposes such as large sized slabs are mostly used for laying floors in huge halls, used as counter tops and table tops, thicker slabs are used as gravestones, tables tops, mortuary slabs, cremation urns and tombstones. Due to granite's hardness and polish, slabs of granite provide a very charming and elegant appeal to your home. The application therefore varies with the finish, color and thickness of the slab.
You can customize your own product dimensions and finishes,contract with us!    I'm Online Chat Now! or Leave a message
1) Finish:Polished.Honed,Flamed
2) Slab size:
a) 2400upx1200upx20mm
b) 2400upx1200upx30mm

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684)-Slabs Images ↓

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Slabs

Countertops are generally a horizontal work surface used in kitchens, other food preparation areas and workrooms. It is installed above and supported by cabinets.
Countertops are made from various materials such as limestone, marble, soapstone, gabbro, wood, butcher block, stainless steel, granite and many more.
Basalt counter tops are the slabs of Basalt. While installing them, more character and depth of Basalt's natural beauty and elegance is added, mostly used in kitchen, bars, bathroom and counters of the shops. Available in various colors and textures, Basalt counter tops give an elegant and impressive look to any home or commercial establishment.
Basalt counter top specializes in embellishing and beautifying your home with using fine quality granite, its vanities and fireplace surrounds. Basalt Couter tops are perfect and ideal for all kitchen and bathroom needs. Due to granite strength, high durability, availability of more color, they have become the material of choice for homeowners. Basalt counter tops are one of the most valuable accession which add beauty as well as functionality in your home.
Benefits of using granite counter tops
Some of the advantages of using them are:
Basalt counter tops are very affordable.
They can be used on the exterior as well as interior of your home.
Basalt is durable, strong, hard to scratch therefore it will last your lifetime and more.
By using Basalt counter tops, your property value will increase.
Easy to clean.
There are hundreds of color and pattern choices.
Basalt is resistant to stain, scratch, and heat.

Countertops edges ↓

These are the most popular edges for bathrooms, kitchens for your select: The profiles shown here are on ¾" (2cm ) and 1¼" (3cm) stone.

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Countertops
Coutertops Processing Image
Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Counter Tops Picture

Tiles Stone Packing Image↓

Tiles Packaging Details:Tiles are packed in styreform boxes (carton boxes) and are further packed Into wooden crate. Polythene wrapper is made to cover the entire material Inside the wooden crate. Wooden Crate is fixed and tightened by iron strips.

Carton boxes packing
Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Tiles Stone
Styreform boxes packing
Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Tiles Stone

Slabs Stone Packing Image↓

Slabs Packaging Details:Slabs are well packed in wooden bundles with polished face to face.

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Slabs Stone

Countertops Stone Packing Image↓

Countertops Packaging Details:Packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal straps outside, and inside the wood crates, foamed plastic for shake proof.

Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Countertops Stone Fantastic Black(G3518/G684) Countertops Stone

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